Seeing a specialist means you will receive special attention, and this often takes more time to diagnose and treat.  For your first appointment, please plan for a 1 to 2 hour office visit while we get all the relevant information into our electronic record and make sure we get to know your child and family well.

Follow these simple suggestions to help us help you!

    • Before you come, please fill in the paper work mailed to you (for new patients) or click below to print paper work
    • Bring your insurance card and photo identification to all appointments.
    • If you have been seen in our office before, come with any updated information.
    • Bring a list of your medications or the medications themselves.  You can get a list from your pharmacist.
    • Call your primary care doctor for a referral if required by your insurance.
    • If you have had a lateral neck xray, CT, or MRI, please try to bring the actual “films” or a CD itself.
    • If you have had any other tests, please have a copy of the results sent to us or bring them with you.