Dr. Behar’s Recipe Page



As I grew up in a middle class family in Buffalo, NY, I remember that an important part of how our family spent our time together was cooking and eating in the kitchen.  Everyone got into the act.  My father would grow the vegetables in the backyard and my mother would help pick and cook them.  Homemade foods of all types came from my mother’s kitchen. We always ate meals together, especially dinner, and I think that this is an important factor in keeping your family happy and healthy, even today.  But, who has time to cook?  If you are dedicated to making sure that your family has healthy, delicious foods, you can do it.  If I can do it, so can you!  It just takes a little organization and dedication, but the rewards are great.  You may even save time and enjoy it!



When my first child was born with a milk allergy, and then later developed a tree nut allergy, cooking at home became more than something that I enjoyed.  It was the one sure way that I could keep her safe and healthy.  For some people with multiple food allergies, even cooking at home can be a challenge.  Reading labels becomes a way of life and becomes second nature after a while.  Eating at restaurants and the fear of cross-contamination is very real and can be scary.



Within my web page, I will make every effort to try to point out recipes that are free of certain allergens. You can always substitute one type of ingredient for another. For example, milk free margarine can be used instead of butter. Most of the recipes contain simple ingredients and are not complicated.  Suggestions for recipes or questions can be submitted on our contact page.


Happy cooking!