Other procedures and special expertise:


  • The special needs child: All of our providers are experienced in the care of children and young adults with special needs. It is our privilege to assist your family and pediatrician in promoting your child’s ENT and communication health so that they can realize their full potential. 


  • Management of Sleep disorders:  Sleep disorders can impact all aspects of a child’s growth and development and can also affect the family.  Our providers can assist in the diagnosis and management of sleep problems.  If needed we can arrange special testing, such as sleep studies or airway imaging. 


  • Surgical procedures for deafness: Dr. Poje has additional expertise in the surgical management of children with significant hearing impairment. These procedures include cochlear implantation and bone anchored hearing aids.


  • Newborn feeding problems: Some infants are born with a short lingual frenulum or tongue tie.  This condition tethers the tongue and often prevents the baby from latching, making it difficult or impossible to breast feed.  Early referral to our office for newborn in-office frenotomy can release the tongue tie and allow the baby and mother to enjoy breast feeding just minutes after the procedure is completed.